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Best Choice DUI School / Risk Reduction Program


Certification #9070 - Best Choice DUI School in LaGrange - This program consists of a certified 3-day, 20-hour course for individuals seeking reinstatement of driving privileges that have been suspended or revoked due to certain alcohol and drug violations, including DUIs and violations of Georgia's Controlled Substances Act. DUI School is also known as a Risk Reduction Program. This Risk Reduction Program in LaGrange may also be court-mandated through a judge's order in other types of criminal cases.


The Risk Reduction Course Fees are statutorily mandated and are broke down as such: 20-Hour Intervention Course: $235.00; Program Material Fee: $25.00' and the Assessment Component Cost: $100.00. This equals the $360.00 total charge required for this course. There will also be a charge of up to $20 for Replacement Certificates being requested by the client in pursuant to GA Admin Comp Ch 375-5-6-23(16).

No online courses are approved by the State.

All DUI School classes are held on the first weekend of each month, on Friday evening (4 hours), Saturday (8 hours) and Sunday (8 hours), for a total of 20 hours. 

Call 706-884-5050 to register for class or get more information.

 A Note about Clinical Evaluations: Following completion of DUI School (and in other cases where a Clinical Evaluation is ordered by a judge) individuals are required by the State of Georgia to complete a clinical evaluation. This service is not directly provided by our clinic; however, we may be able to help you find an approved provider. VERY IMPORTANT: For persons seeking to reinstate a Georgia Drivers License, the clinical evaluation MUST be conducted by a provider approved by the Georgia DUI Intervention Program. For a listing of approved providers, click on the following link: Georgia DUI Intervention Program

Best Choice Driver Improvement Clinic / Defensive Driving Course


Certification #2020 - This defensive driving program in LaGrange is a certified 1-day, 6-hour course for individuals seeking to reduce points on their license and/or have driving privileges reinstated, insurance premiums reduced, or for personal education. Georgia State Legislation has set the cost at $95.00. Individuals taking the course for insurance discounts only may be charged up to $95.00. Online classes are not approved by the State.

All classes are held on the second Saturday of each month from 9:00AM to 4:00PM.

Please call 706-884-5050 for more information. 

DUI Treatment Services


Counseling & Psychology Services of LaGrange, Inc. is a state-certified treatment provider for DUI treatment interventions, multiple offender treatment, and habitual violator treatment. We are certified by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) DUI Intervention Program and the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). We have over 20 years of experience in providing brief DUI treatment interventions, as well as standard outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment services. Services include individual counseling and group counseling provided by licensed counselors. Please note that we do not provide any inpatient or emergency services.

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Best Choice DUI School

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